Ceremony Library

A Formatted Ceremony Sample

Here is a Completed and Formatted Wedding Ceremony Sample. This is how one of Tom’s ceremonies can be structured. It’s an example of how Tom adds instructions for movements – like passing flowers and rings, and the musical selections made by each couple. You can see the appearance of Tom’s standard formatting.

A Formatted Wedding Ceremony Sample

The Ceremony Library

The Wedding Ceremony Library is Tom’s collection of Ceremony wording acquired over more than 20 years. These are just samples you can use to cut and paste. You can change the wording, write your own words, and get ideas from other sources. Then simply put together what you like and e-mail it to Tom – in any rough form.

Where to Start?

Some couples take the Formatted Ceremony Sample, shown above, or one of the first eight of the Nine Sample Ceremonies in the Ceremony Library. Then they delete, and add, and change, until they have the wording they like. Then they e-mail it to Tom. Don’t worry about the order of things and formatting everything. Tom will do that and then send it back in his formatting with comments, questions and suggestions.

Some couples send strings of numbers: Welcome 4, Convocation Paragraphs 13, 10, & 8, Vows 12, Rings 6, Pronouncement 8 – you get the idea. If you like something as is – just list the number or the name of the Reading.

Tom will put everything in the normal Ceremony order and format it. Then it’s back-and-forth with e-mails and phone calls – polishing the wording and making changes until your Wedding Ceremony is 100% the way you want it.

Tom’s experience and advice are available at every step of the way. A Wedding Ceremony is not something that can be finalized sitting around a table – it’s best done back-and-forth, over time, with e-mails and phone calls. You don’t want to rush ceremony selection or try to do it in a face-to-face meeting with a clock ticking. Take time to think about it and reconsider it the next day. E-mail it a friend to look it over. Then reread it in a week and make changes. Start working a few months ahead of time. It’s never too early. Call or e-mail Tom with any questions.

Here is Tom’s Ceremony Library