Wedding Stories

These are true wedding stories that are interesting enough to be told again. Some are comical, happy, funny, sad, and, well, you decide. The names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. Actually the guilty need more protection than the innocent.

The Wedding Ceremony with No Bride and No Groom.

The Baroque Trio, musicians Tom has worked with, performed at a wedding with no Bride and no Groom. The strangest stories can sometimes be logical, if you know all the facts.

A couple of days before the wedding, the Bride and Groom went out to dinner at a nice restaurant. They got food poisoning and were both hospitalized. On the day of their wedding they were still too sick to be released. Their Minister came to the hospital and married them there.

Now what do you do? The reception was at the church, the food was ordered, the flowers were coming, the Bridesmaids had their dresses and the Groomsmen had their tuxedos. So why not have a wedding?

The Minister had gone to the hospital and married the couple – so it was their wedding day. The musicians found out when they got to the church. Except for immediate family, none of the guests were aware of the situation. The wedding went on with a processional, the Minister explained the situation and then went through the ceremony wording without the Bride and Groom. The musicians played, as they would have for a “real” wedding.

Then the reception proceeded without the two most important guests. It was a good decision – why stop the party just because the Bride and Groom don’t show up? Did they think it was all about them?

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