Name Change

How do I prove that my name has been changed?

On the day of your marriage ceremony, Tom completed the Marriage Certificate. Some counties also have a duplicate certificate and some don’t. This uncertified duplicate original is a “souvenir” copy. After the marriage ceremony, Tom mailed the original signed marriage certificate to the county from which it was purchased. If the original gets lost in the mail a duplicate original can be filed with the county. Call Tom if there are any problems with the certificate being filed.

Approximately two to three weeks after the date of marriage, the county will mail a certified copy of the marriage certificate to the address listed on the application. This certified copy has a certification stamp and a raised seal. You can obtain additional certified copies at any time from the county for a fee.

A certified copy is all that is legally required as proof of your marriage and your new name.

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Who should I inform about my name change?

Government Agencies

    • Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services Division – You must obtain a new driver’s license within 30 days after a name or address change. The address on your motor vehicle registration will be automatically updated when your driver’s license changes, but you will also need to change your name on the title to your vehicle. Bring the title to a license office to make the change. You could also change your motor vehicle titles to both your names.


  • Social Security Administration – go to to download an application for change of name – Form SS-5 – or call 1-800-772-1213. Social Security will provide a card in your new name for free. Social Security will automatically inform the IRS and the Minnesota Department of Revenue.
  • Department of Natural Resources – to change your boat, snowmobile, or ATV registration. Go to or call 1-800-285-2000 for more information.
  • Voter registration – you must re-register – obtain a registration card at your city or county office.
  • Passport – Go to the State Department website for the form and latest information.
  • Post Office – Go to your Post Office to update their record http://www.movers-edge.comfor your name and address, or do it on the web at – there is a $1.00 charge to do it on the web – but you also get some coupons.
  • Secretary of State Notary – If you are a Notary Public, go to for information on changing your name and/or address.

Banking, Financial and Pension

  • Bank and other institutions for loans, checking, and savings accounts.
  • Credit cards and other credit accounts.
  • Pension, retirement funds, military retirement, and the Veterans Administration.

Personal Records

  • Employer – change your IRS Form W-4 for withholding. Notify your Labor Union.
  • Amend your will – this should also be done because you are now married.
  • Life, automobile, medical and other insurance providers.
  • Doctors, dentists, pharmacies and hospitals may need to amend their records so future insurance claims can be properly processed with your insurance carriers.

Memberships and Organizations

  • Update records at colleges and universities, social, religious, and other organizations.