Rehearsal Information

Preparing for the Ceremony Movements

As the words of the Ceremony are being been selected, Tom puts in all the ceremony movements – like a script for a play.

“The Best Man hands the Bride’s ring to the Groom.”

“The Bride and Groom face each other and hold both hands.”

When the Ceremony script is finalized, the next questions are:

“Where do we stand during the Ceremony?”

“How do we get there?”

“What do we do during the Ceremony?”

“When do we leave?”

“Where do we go?”

The answers can depend on the location of the ceremony. Rehearsals are a good thing, but sometimes weddings don’t have a formal rehearsal. Many times the site is not available for a rehearsal. Sometimes a rehearsal takes place on a driveway with chalk lines for the aisle.

Tom can talk everything through with the wedding party just before the ceremony. While the Bride is getting ready, the Groom and wedding party look over the site and determine where to stand, how to get there – the Processional – and leaving – the Recessional. There are always options to be considered.

Here is Tom’s Detailed Guide to Processionals, Recessionals, Where to Stand, and Rehearsals:

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